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A lightweight filterable image grid module with support of light-box gallery. This is a responsive module, the grid and gallery will adjust according to the screen size. Clicking any image in the grid will show the full version of image in a light-box gallery with thumbnails and navigation support. You can use this module to showcase your project and portfolio items.

This blog post will describe the simple steps on how to use Responsive Filterable Image Gallery module in DotNetNuke portals.

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If you or your client has worked in the field for a while, there is a pretty good chance that you have a rather extensive portfolio. To make it a little easier to navigate, you will probably be tempted to break them into different categories. This module will help you to show the filterable portfolio items in an interactive and stylish way.

This module is also useful for photographers to show their work in style.

Step-1: Install Module

Once you have downloaded Responsive Filterable Image Gallery, you can install it in your portal by logging in as Host and going to Host -> Module Definitions -> Install Module. If you are not familiar with DotNetNuke module installation, please read following articles:

Step-2: Add Module to a Page

Once the module is installed, it will be available in the Module drop-down. You can add this module (DZ_ResponsiveFilterableImageGallery) to your desired pane.

Step-3: Module Settings

After adding the module, you can go to module settings page and scroll to bottom section “Image Gallery Settings”. This section contains settings specific to this module. See following screen for setting details.

Following table describes the available settings.

Setting Description
Randomize Images Select this check-box, if you want a random image order on each page load.
Image Width Specify the width for images. Images can be of different dimension but width would be same. The aspect ratio would be maintained.
Image Margin Specify the margin between grid items
Image Border Radius If you want to display radius border, you can specify thickness of the radius, specifying 0px will not display any radius.
Tag Position Select the position of tabs
Tags Color Choose color for tag text
Active Tag BG Choose background color for the selected tab
Active Tag Color Choose color for the selected tab
Gallery Theme Choose from list of available themes for the light-box gallery
Show Overlay Gallery Select this option to show thumbnails in the gallery view
No Filter on Gallery Select this option, if you want to always show all images in the gallery view. Not selecting this option will only show filtered images in the gallery view.
 Show Title  Select this option to show title in the gallery view
 Auto Play  Select this option to auto-play the gallery in the light-box view
 Auto Play Delay  Specify the time for auto-play in milliseconds

Step-4: Manage Images

Now you are ready to add images to the slider. You can click the “Manage Images (Pencil Icon)” link on the newly added module. This will show you image listing, you can upload images. You can specify slide title, tag line and description for each image. See following screens for reference.

Manage Images

Manage Images – Add New

Manage Images – Tags

Step-5: Responsive Filterable Image Gallery View

You are all set – now you can go back to the page where you added the module and now you can see the Responsive Filterable Image Gallery in action.

Filterable Grid View

Gallery View

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